Staying Healthy During COVID-19

Hi! I Hope You are Doing Well 

It seems there is just too much information about COVID-19 around us. I summarized the high points I consider are more pertinent to people who deal with allergies and asthma.

Do Your Part
In a study published March 16, researchers from the Imperial College of London cautioned that without adopting social distancing measures, 81% of the US would be infected. That is a lot of people, the good news is that many of us are following hand hygiene, social distancing measures and wearing face covers in public. While we still do not know how many Americans will ultimately  acquire COVID-19, we all can help mitigate the spread of the infection and prevent a collapse of our health system so that we all have good chances of receiving needed treatments. 

Be Prepared
It is very important to have your symptoms under control. Make sure you follow your treatment plan, check on your medications’ expiration date and verify you have enough medication refills before you next appointment. 

Allergies vs COVID-19
Let us help you differentiate your allergy symptoms from COVID-19. This can be particularly challenging as we are in the middle of oak season! We know poorly controlled allergies can trigger asthma attacks and are also associated to other complications such as sinus infections. Remember, we can easily schedule a virtual visit so that you do not have to come into the office. Also keep in mind many insurance companies are currently waiving co-pays for virtual office visits. 

How About Asthma & COVID-19?
Having asthma does not mean you are at a higher risk of contracting COVID-19. However, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), people with moderate to severe asthma may be at higher risk of getting very sick from COVID-19.  COVID-19 can affect your respiratory tract (nose, throat, lungs), cause an asthma attack, and possibly lead to pneumonia and acute respiratory disease. It is important to prevent the need for urgent care or emergency services related to asthma attacks or asthma complications. If you have asthma and you have not had a follow up appointment within the past 3 months, give us a call and we can schedule a follow up visit. 

Take Steps to a Healthier You
Do everything you can to be ahead of the game and stay healthy; not just because of COVID-19 but to feel better! You can make a difference in your health by choosing to eat better -i.e. eat the rainbow-, stay physically active, sleep well and maintain healthy connections with loved ones. Participate in our lifestyle medicine programs (Direct Allergy Care) and let us help you assess your unique situation and work on your personal goals, call us with your questions. 

Stay Informed
Visit for detailed information about COVID-19.

Stay Positive
We are in all this together, stay positive as a COVID-19 vaccine is in the works. 

What’s New 
We now offer virtual visits! connect with me from your home.
– In-person visits are available after careful triage by phone.

With warm regards,

Dr. Araceli Elizalde

Pediatric & Adult Allergist and Immunologist