I Believe

Dr. Elizalde’s Top 10

  1. Medicine is an art that involves patient respect and compassion.
  2. Treatment strategies should be individualized as much as possible.
  3. Patients should receive the same quality of care I would give to my own family.
  4. Treatment options should be geared towards improving the patient’s quality of life.
  5. Your doctor is your best advocate to help you navigate the complicated healthcare system.
  6. In honest and open communication with my patients, and enough time to address patient’s questions.
  7. Your doctor needs time to think, and time to care.
  8. In lowest effective medication dosage to minimize over-medication and potential complications.
  9. In staying current with scientific advances as new options to the arsenal of treatments for chronic allergic conditions become available.
  10. In shared medical decision-making with patients, for the most positive impact on clinical outcomes.