How Clean is Your Nebulizer?

After every nebulization treatment disconnect tubing and take apart the nebulizer parts. 

Most nebulizer manufactures recommend washing the nebulizer parts with warm soapy water after their use. Rinsing with clean water and air dry. Once a week, boil all parts except tubing, in water with 2 to 3 drops of dishwashing liquid for 10 minutes. 

Unclean nebulizers offer an excellent environment for the germs that cause lung infections. Keeping your nebulizers clean and disinfected prevents cross-infection and re-infection which helps preserve lung function. Remember that the processes used to clean and disinfect nebulizers may very depending on the type or brand being used. 

Disassembled nebulizer parts.
The processes used to clean and disinfect nebulizers depend by nebulizer type or brand.